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Jul 22, - Men who eat a lot of soy foods may have a lower sperm concentration than men who don't eat soy food, according to a new szkoleniaikursy.infog: slash. Eating soya could slash men's sperm count - Forums Catalina. Age: 21. hi there Effect of a phytoestrogen food supplement on reproductive health in normal males. Jump to What does the NHS Knowledge Service make of this study? - This small cross-sectional study suggests a link between soy and sperm quality. The idea that soy affects male fertility is not new, and there is a growing body of research on it. However, so far there is little consensus from the studies as to the true  Missing: slash. Kelly. Age: 28. 2 girl available visiting only today and tomorrow Soy: Bad for Sperm? Jun 1, - The soy study was part of a long-term investigation of environmental factors and fertility. The subjects were 99 male partners of sub-fertile couples. Each man had a medical evaluation and complete semen analysis, and each provided a detailed three-month dietary history that evaluated 15 soy-based foods  Missing: slash. The impact of isoflavones, plant chemicals in soy that act as weak estrogens, on male fertility has been studied with inconsistent results. A report from Harvard published in the July 23, issue of Human Reproduction, found that regular consumption of soy foods may lower a man's sperm count, but no changes were  Missing: slash.

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Kattie. Age: 25. Call me Mar 8, - A study of 99 sub-fertile men found those who had a high soy intake over three months had lower sperm concentration, however given the bulk of participants were overweight and the study involved them recalling how much soy they may have previously eaten (and human memory is notoriously. Thread: Eating soya could slash men's sperm count what would that matter? I can see it now . Fantastic new study reveals that soy can eliminate the need for vasectamies. Too late, paid my $10 co-pay about 9 years ago so I never have to worry about sperm count again. Who knew that during that.


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